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Not Just Kronstadt

A talk by Milan Rai, author of 1917: The Grassroots Working-Class Revolution that Lenin Crushed (Peace News Press, October 2017).

5 - 6pm, Room F8, London Anarchist Bookfair, Parkview School, West Green Road, N15 3QR

ImageLenin's success was built on his willingness to steal anarchist slogans in April 1917. Let's correct the picture given by Neil Faulkner in A People's History of the Russian Revolution. From the factory committees to the October revolution, Faulkner keeps distorting history in favour of Lenin and Trotsky, and against less authoritarian Bolsheviks, other socialist, anarchists, and grassroots movements for change. At the same time, let's recognise the failings of anarchists, including the willingness of many to ally with the Bolsheviks.