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The Hammer Blow: UK Speaking Tour

Forthcoming dates in Swansea and Aberystwyth

ImageTwenty years ago, on 29 January 1996, a small group of women broke into a British Aerospace factory in Warton and disarmed a Hawk warplane bound for use in Indonesia's then-ongoing genocide in East Timor. Charged with committing over £2m of damage, they spent six months on remand before being acquitted of all charges by a jury – a verdict that generated national media coverage and inspired countless activists across the globe.

On 29 January 2016 Peace News launched 'The Hammer Blow: How Ten Women Disarmed a Warplane', Andrea Needham's gripping inside account of this seminal action. Andrea has spoken at events around the country about this action and its lessons for today.

Please email hammerblow@peacenews.info (or call 0207 278 3344) if you would like to invite Andrea to come and speak to your local peace group, church, school, union branch or bookshop. Hosts will be expected to cover her travel expenses (via public transport from Hastings), as well as to provide accommodation and a meal if she's unable to return on the same day.

See here for a taster of Andrea's book.

Buy the book here.

The Hammer Blow blog: https://thehammerblowblog.wordpress.com

Upcoming events:

Wednesday 6 December 2017
'The Hammer Blow: how ten women disarmed a warplane' with Andrea Needham. 7.30pm, Oxfam Bookshop, 34 Castle Street . Map

Friday 8 December 2017
'The Hammer Blow: how ten women disarmed a warplane' with Andrea Needham. 7.30pm, Morlan Centre, North Parade


The heroic actions of this small, but determined, group of women is told brilliantly in Andrea Needham’s fascinating account…. You can sense just how much human life matters to each and every one of these women. They spent six months in jail for acting upon their consciences – but were eventually, and rightly, found to be innocent. Anyone interested in social change, or campaigning for peace, should read this book and take inspiration from the brave actions of these amazing women.' - Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion

'The Seeds of Hope East Timor Ploughshares action was one of the most imaginative and successful direct actions in modern-day Britain. It demonstrated that principle and courage are natural, crucial allies. Andrea Needham was part of that action, and her eagerly awaited book is now here. Read it and learn how to change the world.' - John Pilger