Friends and foes

Letter by Laurens Otter, Wellington 

On of the most recent of his Radio Four series on Russia (“The Wild East”) Martin Sixsmith quite casually mentioned that in May 1945, Churchill had floated plans for invading Russia. I must confess I had not previously heard of this, presumably it was revealed under a war-sensitive extension to the 30-year act (hiding some of its significance under the impact of the collapse of the Soviet Union); it certainly has not sparked off the sort of discussion it merits. It is an interesting insight into the double-dealing of so-called democratic politicians. The people of Britain were after all still being told that good old Uncle Joe [Stalin] was our firm ally. In the general election then going on, the Tories used (in working class areas) a book claiming that the alliance with Uncle Joe was essential for the future and accusing all other parties – including the CP [Communist Party] – of having Trotskyist tendencies. Also: one wonders how the Cairo mutiny [of the land, sea and air forces of the Greek government-in-exile] would have spread if this had been known at the time.

Topics: Foreign Policy