How you can help Peace News

In addition to income and grants that cover basic running costs, Peace News is kept vibrant and active through the efforts and contributions of our supporters and volunteers. Below are some ways you can help keep Peace News strong!

      • Tell your friends and collegues about Peace News.

      • Volunteer for Peace News - in the office or get involved in one of our projects.

      • Ask your local radical bookshop, community centre, health food shop or resource centre to stock Peace News. In Britain we distribute through Central Books.

      • Ask us for a bundle of papers to sell - on a sale or return basis - at events, demonstrations, meetings etc.

      • Publicise Peace News and our events in your newsletters, journals or circulars. Please contact us if you would like logos and text for composing adverts and promotional messages. Alternatively, review Peace News in your local campaign/local publication.

      • Send us your news stories and pictures (with captions!) and ideas for features and future themes. Guidelines on how to contribute material.

      • Donate to PN and support our appeals.

      • Come to the Peace News Summer Camp and help build a radical movement for the future.

      • ImageIf you live in Britain, participate in the The Cooperative phone and broadland Peace News offer. 
        Save money on your telecoms bills while helping your favourite magazine to raise funds! Please visit or call 0845 458 9070, ensuring that you quote Peace News 121/AF0109.

Contact us if you would like to help.