Campaign Profile: The Free Gaza Movement

IssueFebruary 2009

The Free Gaza Movement was formed in 2008 by a coalition of Palestine solidarity activists and organisations, including various Christian, Jewish, and Muslim groups. Their mission is to break the siege of Gaza, raise international awareness of the devastating effects of the Israeli-imposed closure, and pressure the international community to review its support of the Israeli government.
The Free Gaza Movement has broken the siege five times in dramatic and highly publicised boat voyages from Cyprus, and plans repeat boat journeys and the establishment of a permanent sea route linking Cyprus to Gaza.
How you can help: The Free Gaza Movement is $220,000 in debt. Donations can be sent by cheque to The Free Gaza Movement, 405 Vista Heights Road, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA; by wire to account no: 041166698, bank routing number: 121102036, bank name: Mechanics Bank, Berkeley, California, USA, SWIFT Code: MEBKUS66; or by PayPal via the Free Gaza website.
You can help with media and outreach, or you can apply to join a boat yourself (please read the notes on the website). Passengers need to bring $1,000 each to cover food and accommodation.

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