All change!

IssueMarch - May 2004
Comment by Ippy D

Well, not quite, but we would like to take the opportunity to say fond farewells and enthusiastic welcomes to volunteers and staff on the PN team and to flag up two opportunities for you to comment on Peace News in its current incarnation and on the kind of Peace News you would like to see in future.

Annual appeal 2003

Many thanks to everyone who made a donation to last year's Peace News Annual Appeal. In total, more than £1,000 was raised, providing valuable support to the production and dissemination of antimilitarist news and perspectives.


While the number of donations was almost half that given two years previously, we appreciate that many of you will have chosen to support the Housmans Relaunch Appeal this year. Brief news about the progress on the building works and the Housmans relaunch will be posted in this column in the next issue.

So, once again, a very big thank you to everyone who has supported Peace News during 2003, your help is much appreciated.

Subscription reminders

Subscribers may have noticed that they have been receiving their first sub renewal reminder a month or so before their “last”' sub copy. This was a temporary measure - when we instigated this system PN was pretty broke, and cash flow was very tight. Happily we can now revert to the “old” practice: so your first renewal reminder will arrive in your “last” copy.


People who have a joint PN and Nonviolent Action subscription will also note that their PN and NvA sub dates are (mostly) becoming due together. This saves our administration costs and also, we hope, admin hassle for subscribers too. If you prefer your joint PN and NvA sub to be paid at different times, please contact us.


Goodbye, farewell, wiedersehn...

We are sorry to be saying goodbye to former reviews editor Melanie Jarman, former assistant news editor Lindsay Barnes and former online resources editor John Sloboda. All deserve great thanks for their work with Peace News and our best wishes for them and success in their current projects.

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining and we are pleased to have recently welcomed new members of the PN collective. These include our new reviews editor Sarah Irving and editorial assistant Sophie Reynolds.

In July we will be waving off PN admin worker John Courtneidge on his transatlantic voyage to chilly Nova Scotia. He won't be coming back! So if you fancy a stab at his job (“if you like the idea of fighting the Great Fire of London - armed only with a Schweppes soda siphon - then this is the job for you!”) then we would like to draw the enthusiastic reader's attention to the adverts below.

All I survey

We would also like to take the opportunity to highlight the reader survey you should have found enclosed in this issue of Peace News. There is a fairly short deadline for returning comments, so before you bury it under a mountain of paper/leaflets/books etc, fill it in and send it back ... do it now!

It is five years since Peace News became a quarterly publication and as agreed at its inception, the staff, directors and editorial board are now going though a period of evaluating the current PN project.

With this, our 20th issue in this format, we would like to invite readers to participate in this process by submitting short texts outlining ideas for the future of Peace News. So be as critical as you like (well, feel free to include strokes too!) and let us know how you would like to see Peace News evolve.

Deadline for reader submissions is 22 March and they can be sent to the address on the inside front cover, or by email to

And finally

Please keep sending your letters! We have been really pleased that for the past couple of issues we have had enough letters - with enough diversity of subjects, but related to previous issues of PN- to generate a decent letters page. So keep `em coming.

Wanted: Subscription & Dispatch manager

18 hours per week/£18,492 pro rata

Fancy working for Peace News and Nonviolent Action?


We are looking for an enthusiastic, hard working pacifist or antimilitarist who shares Peace News's aims.

  • You will need to be an excellent team player, have good written/spoken English, and be confident working with computers - specifically relational databases (SQL, Access etc).
  • As the point of contact for our subscribers, sellers and webshop customers and will need excellent customer care skills.
  • You will also need fantastic self-management abilities and an unusual level of drive and commitment.

This post begins mid-June 2004. Interviews will be held in central London during mid-May. To apply you must be legally allowed to work in the EU.

Application deadline: 19 April 2004. If you would like to apply please send your CV with a covering letter to or 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DY, Britain. Please note: while Peace News Ltd would like to be an equal opportunities employer, our ancient building has terrible access for people with mobility-related disablities (two flights of stairs, no lift).

Assistant news editor

We are looking for a nonviolent activist/campaigner to co-manage the PeaceNews online news service and help co-ordinate news content for the print magazine


News editors work closely with the Peace News editor and other assistant news editors to ensure a high quality and diversity of online and print news stories which reflect PN's editorial objectives. Sourcing stories, writing material and online publishing are the key tasks in this job.

Online web-resource editor

We are looking for a nonviolent activist/campaigner to manage the PeaceNews online resource section.
We are trying to develop this area of our site to become a place where nonviolent activists and peace campaigners can discover links to practical online resources which will help them in their work. The resource section editor's job will be to identify suitable materials and publish very brief descriptions with links to external sources.

These are both voluntary jobs which can be carried out from anywhere in the world providing you have internet access. Please note that we cannot cover your uptime costs.
You will need to be committed to nonviolence and support the Peace News editorial objectives.

For both jobs a high standard of written English is required, though the ability to publish in other languages simultaneously would be fantastic.
This job would be a regular commitment and we would expect a high standard of research and copy, with observance of house style. We estimate that the online resource job will take a maximum of one hour per week after you have received some initial training. The news editing job will take a minimum of two hours per week, with more input required during the weeks running up to print production.

What can we offer in return? Well, not much, except the chance to join an ever-growing team of people involved in creating and developing Peace News - both in print and online. Plus a free subscription for you and a friend.