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Issue 2448 | September - November 2002

Culture and resistance

"They are 8, we are 6 billion"

A banner in the rally said it all.

Tribal council orders gang rape

A Pakistani tribal council ordered the gang rape of an 18-year-old woman to avenge their tribal “honour” after her young brother's alleged illicit affair with a higher caste woman.

Bhopal survivors' satyagraha

In the spirit of satyagraha, three survivors of the 1984 Bhopal gas disaster began a hunger strike outside the Indian parliament on 28 June.

SOA trespassers en route to prison

In July, 36 activists were sentenced to terms of between 90 days and six months in prison for their symbolic trespassing at the US “school for assassins” the Western Hemisphere Institute f

Women occupy oil stations

In south-eastern Nigeria, hundreds of unarmed Ijaw women used boats to occupy four Chevron-Texaco pipeline stations.

"Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it"

Cultural resistance is, it seems, in the air at the moment.

Creating a culture of peace: one less weapon at a time

The fragile peace of the impoverished African country of Mozambique rests uneasily on caches of thousands of weapons left over from 16 years of civil war.

Culture is the opposite of war

I started off as a street musician in Dublin in 1986, filling in the hours while my three daughters were at school.

About artwork and activism

It has become fashionable again among a few artists and groups in some alternative publishing companies here in France - but also, I believe, in Belgium, Switzerland, the US, Canada, and B

A producer of "cultural öffentlichkeit"

For more than a decade Consolidated have been producing highly politicised music with a wide range of styles. As a "musical project" they have a reputation as being uncompromising and "crusading", who tackle uncomfortable issues such as male violence, pornography, animal rights and militarism. Their critics accuse them of being "guilty white liberals" and "hypocrites" and of espousing "un-American "values. PN caught up with founding member Adam Sherburne and talked about the role of music in political struggle.


Desperately seeking Marcos

Some people still reduce Zapatismo to Marcos. Pure racism.

Recovering WRI's history: storytelling with a purpose

The idea behind this project was to link storytelling - the theme of the 2002 WRI Triennial - directly with the history of the WRI. How, then, to do this?

Homage to Murcia

Roberta: Tell us a bit about your group, what you do and why you do it

A celebration of love: an interview with Anand Patwardhan

The following interview was conducted with filmmaker Anand Patwardhan, who recently produced War and Peace - a three-hour film of epic proportions about the state of affairs in Pa

Our stories

Jaime Huenun, an indigenous Chilean poet, has quoted from an old wise Mapuche called Manuel Rauque, "When we recover our past, the earth will open its secrets."

Art or propaganda?

At any one time there are hundreds of political wall murals throughout Northern Ireland.

Sign of the times

The most common representation of peace emblems in Britain occurs on people's clothing and attire in the form of badges, ear-rings and the like, or in the guise of “bumper stickers” and ot

Open medium, global outreach

The first Independent Media Centre (IMC) came to life in Seattle in November 1999. It was set up to cover a specific event: the protests against the World Trade Organisation.

Music in our message

AWOL magazine is the product of a “workshop of artists, activists and revolutionaries”.

REX: A cultural laboratory

In Serbia the REX/B92 cultural centre describes itself as “a laboratory for research of new fields of culture”.

Nuclear war over Kashmir: a real threat

International and grassroots peace groups are continuing to urge strong action to defuse the escalating tension between Pakistan and India over Kashmir - mostly out of fear for an “acciden

Chernobyl: a wake up call?

Pripyat is a large modern town in the lush green region of Pollisia in northern Ukraine. Purpose built for the new generation of atomic workers and their families.

Eurosatory 2002: arms trader gathering

One of the special guests at Eurosatory this year was Mr Kalashnikov. His world famous invention - the Kalashnikov sub-machine gun - is now used in most conflicts across the globe.

Eurosatory: a personal reflection

There may be more than one way to stage a nonviolent protest.