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Issue 2451 | June - Aug 2003

North-East Asia

170+ arrested at Trident base

On 22 April, between 600 and 700 anti-nuclear protesters converged on Faslane Naval Base - home to Britain's Trident nuclear submarine fleet -for the “Really Big Blockade”.

Victory for whom?

Over the past seven years, Voices in the Wilderness has been a nonviolent campaign to end the economic sanctions against the people of Iraq.

US-Iran Sparks fly at Second PrepCom

The recent meeting of the Second Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in Geneva was notable for an increasingly public conflict b

Noisy, muted, massive or microscopic?

While May Day might have been a relatively muted post-Iraq war affair in much of northern Europe and the US, across Latin America hundreds of thousands took to the streets to highlight and

Peace prisoners

Arrested for peace! Iraq war resistance (plus the usual suspects...)


Target: Peace (activists)

Friday 11 April, Israeli soldiers shot another peace activist with the International Solidarity Movement.

Rejecting US aid

In April the Croatian Multimedia Institute announced that they had reached a decision to end a contract through which they were granted US$100,000 by the US government for their work on th

Harassment of peace activists continues

Israeli forces continue to put pressure on ISM activists through office raids and arrests.

Militarism in everyday life - a street performance on International CO day

It's 15 May 2003, Tel Aviv, Israel: a military wedding, groom, bride, and the rabbi in uniform, as are the guests.

Rice to the starving people of North Korea!

According to the South Korean government's estimate, the amount of food needed to feed the North Korean population for the grain financial year of 2003 (November 2002 - October 2003) is 6.

A young movement in search of direction

In March 2003 an international conference on conscientious objection to military service, taking place in Seoul, attracted more than 400 participants over two days.

Country profiles

Here we have tried to compile basic facts about each of the countries this issue focuses on.

Through the East Asian lens

The lyrics were recognisably Korean, but then the song became understandable as the chorus burst forth in punk staccato: “Fucking USA”.

Martin Luther King gave me a dream for Korea

I was born and raised in Pyong Yang, now the capital city of North Korea.

Migrant workers demonstrate in Hong Kong

On 15 December 2002, 3,000 migrant workers and their supporters met to reclaim the streets of central Hong Kong, to protest against another discriminatory government proposal: a targeted f

South Korea: migrant workers and the anti-war movement

“Migrant workers from different nationalities in Korea stand united against the US war against Iraq.

Personal experience from a Korean CO

For decades nobody has been concerned about the conscientious objection issue, even though thousands of members of the Jehovah's Witness community have been imprisoned for their refusal to

Act in solidarity

Typical Western concerns about China have focused - in recent years at least - on the issue of Tibet.

Moving into the future: building peace in North-East Asia

Despite being one of the world's most dynamic economic and political regions, North-East Asian security remains surprisingly dominated by the past.

Tokyo rising

After introducing the TokyoProgressive website at the International Green Forum (Japan) that was held over two years ago, I was asked by a member of the German IndyMedia collective why Jap

Taiwan - first Asian country to recognise conscientious objection

In July 2000, Taiwan was the first Asian country to recognise conscientious objection - and to introduce alternative service for those not fit for military service.

Democracy in Northern Ireland

The recent impasse on re-establishing the institutions of local government in Northern Ireland raises many questions, among them the goodwill of both the republican and unionist communitie

An end in sight?

Over the past three years, one of the most frequently asked questions in Zimbabwe (and often asked of me by my 79-year old mother) has been “why are they not taking to the streets

A cautionary tale from Kosovar women to the women of Iraq

This article is being written as another war comes to an end, the war in Iraq.

Justifying violence

The most dangerous form of violence in South Asia is arguably the threat of nuclear war between India and Pakistan.