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Issue 2496 | April 2008

Wales Against War

As part of the international day of World Against War demonstrations, Aberystwyth Peace and Justice Network invited Wales to continue to protest.

We fight for roses too!

How wonderful to be part of this vibrant and vital International Women's Day march in London for something we all demand: the unconditional, non-negotiable end to violence against women.

Time to call time on coal

Ffos-y-fran is the biggest open-cast mine in the UK. Situated on the outskirts of Merthyr Tydfil, it is just 36 metres from some homes and near a nursery school.

Carry on walking

On 7 March, I was at Newbury Magistrates' Court, Berkshire, putting Trident nuclear weapons on trial.

Carry on camping

On 8 March, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp (AWPC) read in The Independent that we were packing up our camp for the last time; famous people were mourning our loss and messages of

And stop airport expansion!

Two days apart in late February, two groups protesting against plans to expand Heathrow took their protest aloft, first at Heathrow and then the House of Commons.

China's repression and the conflict within the Tibet liberation struggle

As Peace News went to press, the official death toll in Lhasa rose to 22 - generally assumed to be a massive under-estimate - and solidarity demonstrations were taking place aroun

From Aberdeen to Aldermaston!

Our demonstration in November 07 was able to use the slogan: People and Parliament Against Trident.

New British atrocity evidence presented as Brown prolongs the British presence

Gordon Brown has gone back on the promise he made on 8 October last year that troop numbers in Iraq would be cut to 2,500 this spring.

Government winning public support for Afghan war

British public support for the war on Afghanistan has risen over the past two years, as Afghan political leaders call for negotiations with the Taliban.

National Security Strategy News

On 19 March, the British prime minister launched the much–delayed National Security Strategy (NSS) – to little enthusiasm.

Trident opposition in Scotland puts UK under pressure

In May 2007, Scotland elected a minority government committed to getting rid of Trident.

Police stop showings of antiwar film

Police have intervened across the country to prevent screenings of the new campaigning film On the Verge about the Brighton-based anti-arms trade group “Smash EDO”.

Paths through utopias: Liberating love

“If you went beyond this point they would have shot you” Barbara tells us as we walk past lampposts painted with military looking red and white stripes.

Play therapy and peace

Play therapy has a role to play in preventing children from growing up violent.

What about the parents?

When my son was coming up to school age, a friend introduced me to John Holt's book Teach Your Own, which I liked very much.

Feminism Resurgent

Over the last few years, and especially in the past six months, something special's been happening, is happening.


I had a sort of New Year resolution not to write about the “Defence Systems & Equipment International Exhibition” (DSEI) arms fair for a while and focus on other issues.

Maya Evans' diary

Last month was the 50th anniversary of the historic march from Trafalgar Square to the Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory.