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Issue 2498 | June 2008

Iran peace offer resisted

An unprecedented Iranian government proposal, which could offer a definitive solution to the diplomatic crisis over its nuclear program, is being resisted by Britain.

Hellfire rains down on Baghdad

May saw a devastating surge in US air strikes on Iraq, often in densely populated areas.

Winter soldier

On 16 June, 24-year-old Matthis Chiroux, who joined the US army at 18, having been targeted by military recruiters since he was 16, and who served in Afghanistan among other places before b

BAE Systems AGM - followed by arrest of chief executive!

BAE Systems AGM, 9 May. Some shareholders are confused about the legality of their profits. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) organised a protest outside, and difficult questions inside the AGM.

Blair near miss

On 21 May, Tony “Bomber” Blair narrowly escaped being killed by an Israeli missile – an irony-laden fate for such a staunch supporter of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

CO day

International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, 15 May, was marked by four events in Britain.

Big Brother's big plans

In the last month, the government and big businesses have launched a dizzying array of initiatives threatening the expansion of a creeping “surveillance society” – which has lead to two you

Chasing the khaki dragon!

Where’s the nearest army recruitment centre to you in Wales? Is there a company in your town selling combat raiding craft or “rugged use” military laptops?

Military academy blights peaceful nation

On 25 April, campaigners from all over Wales took part in a demonstration against plans to build a military academy at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Love for Labour lost

Following the 1999 assembly and council elections, Dafydd Wigley said a “political earthquake” had struck Wales. In 2008, a suitable geographical metaphor is more elusive.

Cycling toward sustainability

As part of Bike Week 2008 (14-22 June), cyclists from all over Wales will be riding to a rally in Cardiff.

Maybe one day May Day

May Day has been celebrated as International Workers’ Day since 1890 when it was instituted as a day of commemoration for the Haymarket Martyrs, anarchist labour organisers who were hanged

Affordable housing in St Andrews

2 May saw University of St Andrews students take to the streets in protest against the closure of Fife Park, one of the University’s two budget halls.

New humanity?

In April PN investigated the link between the Israeli army and Martin Luther King Junior’s legacy. Here is the promised follow up.


Keeping it grounded

If you were suffering from asthma, would breathing car fumes be a good treatment?

Camp diary 2007

I had known about the climate camp for quite a while but hadn’t decided I was going to go until the last minute.

The real Karl Marx

Karl Marx saw the red flag with Che Guevera’s silhouetted face on it on my bedroom door. Looking surprised he said: “Che. I read about his life. Tapain leh maanuhuncha?

Fairtrade for democracy

PN How has Fairtrade changed the producers themselves?

The Raytheon Nine on trial

The trial of the group known as the Raytheon Nine began in Belfast on 20 May . (Actually, only six of the defendants are in the dock.

Cadet school

Controversial plans to radically expand military cadet corps in English state secondary schools are being pushed forward by Ed Balls, the Children’s Secretary, apparently backed by No 10.

Paths through utopias

Sadly our Utopian tour has ended. We’ve been back in London a few weeks and most of our friends have (quite expectedly) asked “So, how was it?”

True colours

Though I am one of the more prominent critics within the US academic left of US interventions and hegemonic aspirations, my research has found no evidence that the United States (nor any o

Bonded servitude

It was good to read, in the Broken Rifle insert in last month’s Peace News, the informative article by Andreas Speck about the present and possible future changes to the situation of conscientious

Maya Evans' diary

The recent media frenzy over Islamic law has produced the common reaction from non-Muslims in this country - a collective shudder and the assumption that sharia means stoning women and beh