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Issue 2504-2505 | December 2008 - January 2009

Negotiate and kill

While the majority of Afghans want a negotiated solution to the present conflict, the outgoing Bush administration seems to see negotiations only as a tactic to weaken the enemy.

Obama to escalate war in Afghanistan

Building on plans and programmes set in motion by the outgoing Bush administration, president-elect Barack Obama intends to escalate the US war in Afghanistan, and to force Britain to shar

Banking blood

In October, War on Want produced a major report on the involvement of major British banks in the arms trade.

Free Gaza - again!

The Free Gaza Movement has broken the siege of Gaza twice since the last issue of PN.

Resisting a re-visit

On 7 November, I was due to appear, with others, at Newbury magistrates’ court for “obstruction of the highway” at Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment on 27 October.

Noise demo

On 10 November, a noise demo was held outside a ceremonial dinner in the City of London being addressed by prime minister Gordon Brown.


At least 40 civilians were killed in an airstrike on a wedding party in Shah Wali Kot in Kandahar province in Afghanistan on 3 November.

Obama on Iran

Barack Obama seems to be hardening his position on Iran still further, adding to the nuclear threat he made in June.

US resister freed

James Burmeister, 23-year-old Iraq war resister, was freed from military prison on 28 October, over two months early.

Iraq: US is not withdrawing

As of 17 November, the US has a paper commitment to completely withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011. In reality, such a withdrawal remains extremely unlikely.

BMI Baby? Not bloody likely!

This autumn, South Wales activist Babi Badalov was deported on a BMI flight to Azerbaijan despite having experienced physical abuse and state persecution there.

Chartists spook banks on Halloween!

Supporters of the People Before Profit Charter (PBPC) held a protest on Queen Street in Cardiff on Halloween.

Climate Camp Cymru

Something is stirring on the hillsides and in the valleys. The whisper of Climate Camp Cymru 2009 is becoming a buzz.

Early bird at Parliament

The Big Blockade Faslane 365, street demonstrations are familiar lively, colourful, noisy campaigning experiences.

Where's our bail-out?

Anxieties and demands in connection to the financial crisis and the government’s so-called “recapitalisation” of the banks were voiced in Edinburgh on 24 October.

Looking back on an amazing year

This year saw some outstanding court victories, including a legal breakthrough in Nottingham on 14 January when 11 East Midlands activists were allowed to present a legal argument known as

All the news that's not fit to print

One million Iraqis

Towards the Future

Anniversaries are daunting occasions. Inevitably judgements will be made, achievements weighed up and failures raked over – and CND’s 50th anniversary was no exception.

Is capitalism dead?

Here we are, in a world of financial and economic pain, with millions of people around the world facing unemployment, reduced pensions, and reduced incomes, all because of the “credit crun

Capitalism hits the fan

Let me begin by saying what I think this crisis is not. It is not a financial crisis. It is a systemic crisis whose first serious symptom happened to be finance.

Footprints for change

The credit crunch exposed many of the failures of the capitalist system and made us question where to go from here to be rid of the free market’s stranglehold: it seems as if the “invisibl

Credit Crunching books

To illuminate the credit crunch and to find a new way forward, Peace News has chosen four recently-published books about the financial crisis.

Big Voice

Norman Finkelstein, author and academic, was punished for his principled stand against Israeli brutality by being denied tenure at DePaul University in June 2007.

Transition Towns: A Response

It has been intriguing in recent weeks to follow the various, and largely more coherent, debates and discussions that have emerged in the wake of the Climate Camp, and also as the discussio

Baader-Meinhof bad dreams

Reactions have been mixed to The Baader-Meinhof Complex, a new film encapsulating the history of the ruthless German urban guerrilla group.

Conjunction: Eccentrics and Radicals

A body of work by Liz Jones, based on musings on creative nonviolent interventions at military places, in particular AWE Aldermaston.

Shop Stewards unite

“If we are to roll back the tide of privatisation and war, rebuilding the grass roots of our movement is essential.”

Rank and file revolts

The trade union movement in Britain, as elsewhere, has gone through periods where the rank and file has felt the need to organise itself in order to revive, reform or replace the existing s

Afghan whiteout: Millions face starvation Britain rejects war

Over two-thirds of the British public want all British troops withdrawn from Afghanistan within 12 months, according to a new BBC poll.

Veil of dreams

Back in September eight short video films were shown in Stroud to mark World Peace Day. Collectively the films tried to answer this question: what does it take to build peace?

Beneath the paving stones

The current set of Poems on the Underground contains two poems that relate directly to the 90th anniversary of the Armistice at the end of the first world war – the war often misnamed The


Easter Sunday, 8am. Another dull, overcast morning in East Sussex. I looked out the window of the number 100 bus from Hastings to Lydd.

Activism and... Letters

When I was younger and more active in the peace movement, I would say to people who said “I was once in CND”, or who were a bit too old for active service: why once? You can still write!