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Issue 2516-2517 | December 2009 - January 2010

The Peace House party

50 years after the reverend Tom Willis proudly opened the doors of Peace House at 5 Caledonian Road, creating a home for the peace movement in London, activists, supporters, residents old and new –

The man who made it all possible

Tom Willis was a curate in Hull in 1958 when he inherited £10,000, the money that would buy 5 Caledonian Road for Peace News and Housmans Bookshop.

Poll: "Remember 'enemies' as well as soldiers", say 87%

87% of Britons agree with the statement: “Remembrance Sunday should be about marking the dead on all sides of war, not just the British”, according to a ComRes poll carried out for the Christian th

Afghanistan: an increasingly unpopular war in US and UK

Discontent over the war in Afghanistan continued to grow in November in both the UK and US, with support for withdrawal reaching 63% in Britain and 39% in the US, according to BBC and CBS News poll

Aldermaston Blockade Four "not guilty"

On 12 November, four of us who “locked-on” across a gate at the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston, during the Big Blockade on 27 October last year were cleared by Reading court of obstructin

Northwood Die-in Six "guilty"

On 5 November, six of us – Katrina Alton and Steve Barnes of the London Catholic Worker, PN columnist Maya Evans, PN co-editor Milan Rai, Trident Ploughshares co-founder Angie Zelter, and myself –

Welcoming NATO

One person’s experience of the NATO parliamentary summit


Anti-NATO march

On 14 November, a small but perfectly formed march against NATO and for withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan took place in Edinburgh. The demo was called by Stop the War Scotland.

A peace institute for Wales?

Over 1500 signatures have been collected calling for the National Assembly of Wales to create a Peace Institute comparable with those in Flanders, Catalonia, Finland, Norway and elsewhere.

Peace poppies and Palestine in Aberystwyth

Once again, Aberystwyth led the way as the town council laid a white poppy wreath at the Cenotaph on 7 November. Despite the weather, the ceremony was well attended.

Christmas comes early in Bangor - in Welsh

Early Christmas presents from Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh Language Society, greeted Bangor shoppers when campaigners gave away free Boots “Advantage” cards in the town on 14 November.

The struggle to subject war to law

The two-day (1-2 September) “Citizen and the Law of Armed Conflict” conference at Friends House, London, was organised by a coalition of organisations concerned with the need to develop better dial

Close Guantánamo

One of Barack Obama’s first pledges upon becoming president at the beginning of this year was to close the illegal prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, by 22 January 2010.

ICAN disarm

At CND’s International Conference on 10 October, the UK branch of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN-UK) launched its new website (see end of article).

Neutralise the Nukes! - Aldermaston Blockade 2010

As dawn begins to break on a Monday morning in February, hundreds of dedicated individuals from all around Britain and beyond will descend upon the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) at Aldermaston

Peace News Winter Gathering: 15-17 January Nottingham

New Year rejuvenation


Gaza Freedom March

On 31 December, hundreds of peace activists from around the world plan to enter through the Egyptian border to join a Palestinian-led “Mile-long March for Freedom” in Gaza, in protest against the I

For revolutionary nonviolence

An open letter to the Brighton anti-arms trade group Smash EDO.


Anti-war soldier faces 10 years in prison

A British soldier accused of desertion for refusing to serve in Afghanistan is now being prosecuted for taking part in an anti-war protest, on charges that carry a maximum of 10 years’ imprisonment

Cowardy cowardy custard

I read, with uneasy and strongly personal interest, the discussions in September’s issue.


“I’m so bored with the USA,” the Clash sang on their 1977 debut album whose cover pictures police with truncheons chasing protesters.

Spreading the word

Readers who have attended recent national events such as Stop the War’s march against the war in Afghanistan, the Great Climate Swoop in Nottingham, or the Raise Your Banners music festival in Brad

Harry's patch

On 25 July 2009, Henry John “Harry” Patch died. Aged 111, he was the last British survivor of the First World War trenches still living in the UK.

Climate debt

Rich countries and corporations have grown wealthy through a model of development that has pushed the planet to the brink of climate catastrophe.

Activism and... Raise Your Banners

Other people go to Glastonbury; I go to Raise Your Banners.

Campaign Profile: Climate Justice Action

Climate Justice Action is a new global network of people and groups committed to take the urgent actions needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.