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Issue 2518 | February 2010

"Out of harm's way"?

The British Government is considering plans to redeploy British troops in Afghanistan from the more dangerous, northern areas of Helmand province to its quieter central districts, in an attempt to

Action over the pond

Americans rallied against President Obama’s decision to escalate the war in Afghanistan with demonstrations big and small throughout December.

British press buries death squad killings

A recent alleged massacre by US-led forces in Afghanistan has been greeted with near-total silence on the part of the British press.

Run Raytheon run

The arms manufacturers Raytheon are to end their computer software manufacturing operation in Derry following a concerted campaign by Derry Anti War Coalition (DAWC) and the Foyle Ethical Investmen

Notts New Year

About 50 people braved the melting snows in mid-January to come to the first-ever Peace News Winter Gathering, at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham.

Stop and search illegalities

The chief constable of Kent, Mike Fuller, admitted in the High Court on 12 January that his police had conducted illegal “stop and searches” on 11-year-old twins, Dave Morris and other activists at

Scottish Gaza solidarity

Hanukkah Candlelit Vigil

Gaza a year on

Approximately one year ago, Israel unleashed its attack on the Gaza Strip – amidst its ongoing siege and occupation – killing more than 1,400 Palestinians, the majority of them civilians.

Bright future without nuclear weapons

The long-awaited report from the Scottish Parliament Working Group on Scotland Without Nuclear Weapons was published on 18 November.

Plane Stupid strikes twice

On 16 June, Manchester Plane Stupid disrupted an airport industry conference using helium balloons reading “Happy Retirement”.

Not much cop, but a lot of cops

COP15: Wales reflects on Copenhagen


NPT: a launchpad for nuclear abolition?

Next steps for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty


Armed drones: war by remote control

The first of two articles on the rapidly-expanding use of military drone aircraft


Are we serious?

An angry reflection on the Climate Justice Action protest in Copenhagen


Gaza Freedom March

Starhawk writes from Cairo


Peace News in India

Milan Rai blogs from the War Resisters International gathering


Free Gaza! Free Egypt!

The anniversary of the Israeli assault on Gaza was marked with protests in the Middle East and in Britain.

African peacebuilders undermined

How local peace efforts in Northern Uganda were trumped by the International Criminal Court’s arrest warrants


To share or not to share?

With a 30 year perspective Woody Wood challenges the decline in the radical forms of wealth levelling



First prize in the Copenhagen Greenwash Awards must go to Siemens and Coca-Cola for branding the host city “Hopenhagen”.

Arms trade

Arms dealers from all over the world have been invited back to the biggest arms fair in the world at the ExCeL centre in Newham, east London for 13-16 September 2011.


It’s six years on since the invasion of Iraq, the war has ended, and troops are coming home. Success? Well, we’re not celebrating.

Chris Jones 17 August 1954 - 6 December 2009

A PN editor from 1976-1982, Chris Jones continued helping with PN as a volunteer until June 1983. Chris died suddenly in his sleep on 6 December of heart failure.

Activism and... Romance

I did meet my partner while we were organising a demonstration and we became close during that process.