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Issue 2525 | September 2010

Climate camp capers

“Give me the directions.

Fallujah: a toxic legacy worse than Hiroshima?

On 24 July, the Independent reported the results of a questionnaire survey conducted in Fallujah in January and February.

"They'd all chant 'Free Joe Glenton' on parade."

A British soldier who spent four months in jail for refusing to return to Afghanistan has spoken of the “unbelievable support” that he received from fellow soldiers during his imprisonment at the M

"Collateral murder" video whistleblower faces 52 years

US army whistleblower Bradley Manning has now been charged with “communicating, transmitting and delivering national defence information to an unauthorised source”.

UK nuclear weapons plants endangered by fire and flood

On 3 August, a fire broke out in the explosives area at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston.

European court limits police "stop and search" powers

On 8 July, home secretary Teresa May announced the suspension of “stop and search” powers under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

India bans peace meet

On 2 August, the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space learned that its upcoming annual international organising conference in Nagpur, India, had been blocked by the Indian gove

Leopold's ghostwriter

Henry Morton Stanley’s popular fame is based on the words which he claims to have uttered on finding the long-lost explorer: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume”.

No drones

On 26 June, members of the Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales (Cymdeithas Y Cymod) held a service of repentance outside the drones centre at Parc Aberporth.

Scotland's (walking) for peace

On the evening of 30 July, two dozen peace activists from around the world gathered in Gretna to begin Scotland’s month-long “Footprints for Peace” walk.

Swimming against the tide

The highlight of the Edinburgh festival for me was John Holloway launching his latest book Crack Capitalism (Pluto Press) in the city that was his home before he moved to work at the Auton

Peace News Summer Camp

There were torrents to the right of them and torrents to the left of them, but Peace News Summer Camp 2010 was remarkably free of rainfall, despite the weather forecasts and the downpours in surrou

Resistance forever!

The Nuclear Resister and Nukewatch (US) mark their 30th birthdays


Olá amigos!

In the run-up to the November NATO summit in Lisbon, PN takes a look at the Portuguese peace movement in its first “Looking at Europe” survey.


John Linton (6 December 1910 - 4 March 2010)

He was born into a solidly Anglican line of squires, parsons, professors and army officers, and spent happy school holidays in Oxford during and after the First World War.

Campaign Profile: Global Climate Campaign

The Global Climate Campaign is the collective name given to all the organisations, groups and individuals around the world who come together for the Global Day of Action on climate, this year set f

Climate Camp Capers

“Give me the directions.

Climate Camp Cymru desecrates Welsh national heritage!

On 14 August, South Wales Police prevented a national disaster by the skin of their teeth.