Various artists, 'Tribal Futures: the way ahead'

IssueDecember 2000 - February 2001
Review by Ippy D

This fundraiser CD for Survival -the campaign group supporting tribal people - makes very easy listening. Billed as “A fusion of chilled tribal beats, ambient dub and trance music”, it certainly is!

While it has several tracks from famous artists, such as Leftfield, and Banco de Gaia, it also showcases less well-known performers, and all cite tribal influences in their music.

Basically it starts off very chilled, builds up to a more busy and dancey middle section - with tracks from Juno Reactor and a remix by Leftfield of Yothu Yindi's Timeless Land standing out, and then drifts off again into super-ambient chill-mode.

The verdict: ace background music, but it doesn't really do it for me - not enough passion. However, producing a fundraising CD with big name artists is a major triumph - so let's hope Survival make shed-loads of money out of it.

Topics: 4th World, Culture
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