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Kate Evans , 'Funny Weather'

Myriad Editions; ISBN: 978 0 954930936; £6.99 www.cartoonkate.co.uk

The second edition of Funny Weather by Kate Evans is an expanded edition of the first, with an introduction by George Monbiot asking why climate change doesn't have the sex appeal of the peace movement. With the dodgy weather of late and the threat of injunctions placed on the RSPB and National Trust for protesting against aviation pollution, climate change is becoming more of a priority.

But what is global warming? How does catching a plane to Spain impact the gulf stream causing crops to fail in India and Amazonian rainforests to die out? What is sulphur hexafluoride? And more importantly, what can we do as campaigners to turn the situation around?

Thanks to Kate Evans and her original talent for blending meticulous research, humour, and cartoons we need not consult tomes of New Scientists for answers to these questions.

Kate manages to strike several emotional chords (although maybe not with large men in pin striped suits) - the plight of the planet being wrecked by human carelessness, people mainly in developing countries already suffering the brunt of climate change, and the individual, (you and me), who knows what's right and wrong but needs to overcome ignorance and mindsets emplaced by our consumerist society.

The great strength of the book is its accessibility, the key for any successful campaigner.

Cutting through the mainstream rubbish of Live Earth, the book makes us face up to the fact that this planet is our responsibility, the situation is serious, we're decades away from deep water and unless we all pull our fingers out things will only get wetter (and drier).

Although Funny Weather is hard-hitting it isn't based on doom and gloom. There are optimistic practical ways forward which don't mean resorting to the cave days - but more focusing on reducing emissions, instituting carbon allowances and global treaties. Without a doubt it's a must for all activists and a definite urgent must for all would-be activist friends.

Topics: Climate Change