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Euro action

Hundreds of peace activists were arrested in a coordinated set of actions at nuclear weapon bases in seven countries on 3 April, a European day of action to ban nuclear weapons.
In Belgium, hundreds succeeded in entering Kleine Brogel air force base, leading to 431 arrests. In Holland, there was a 200-strong demo at Volkel nuclear weapons base. In France, there was a citizens’ inspection of Mont de Marsan air force base, with 13 people getting inside.
In Scotland, Trident Ploughshares symbolically blocked the North Gate of Faslane. In Germany, 300 took part in a demo at Büchel nuclear airbase.
In Turkey, activists attempted to symbolically hand back the US nuclear weapons at Ýncirlik Air Base at the US embassy. And in Italy, some 800 people walked to the Aviano US military base, which hosts about 50 B-61 nuclear bombs.

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