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Growing Heathrow

In March, the Heathrow Transition Towns group started its “Grow Heathrow” project, squatting a derelict market garden in Sipson, the town threatened by demolition to make way for the projected third runway at Heathrow.
“Grow Heathrow” has had instant, widespread and enthusiastic community support. To arrange a “Grow Heathrow” work day: 07890 751 568; www.transitionheathrow.com
Meanwhile, on 27 March, the high court dealt a hefty blow to the third runway project by ordering the government to update its case for the runway, given new evidence on climate impacts.
Local MP John McDonnell (Lab) said in mid-April: “We won in the High Court recently so most people think that this issue is dead – ‘we’ve killed it off’. But… what we don’t want is any party telling us one thing before the election and then getting elected….”

Topics: Climate Change