Critical Mass defiant

News in Brief

Following last issue's frontpage article on the threats made against London Critical Massers, we are pleased to report that the ride on 28 October saw a massive turnout, with at least 1,000 cyclists and other unpowered wheelsters showing up. Colourful, vibrant and powerful the Mass was untouchable by the police and - in fact - the forces of law and order never even tried to interfere with what was the biggest ride seen in the capital for many years. Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace were taken in before ending up at the heart of the protest exclusion zone - Parliament Square (pictured) - where many riders showed both their defiance at the repressive legislation and their joy at participating in such a fab ride, particularly when, trundling up Whitehall past Downing Street, a group of around 50 skaters and bladers blasted past in the opposite direction. November's ride had a smaller turnout, but was also left unmolested, the Met seem to have got the message for now: this is what happens when you threaten us. As ever, there seems to be safety in numbers: join your local Mass, make a practical comment on car-culture and climate change, meet other cyclists, and celebrate the magic of cycling!