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Warhead convoy hits roads again

Oxford CND members and Nukewatchers snapped this Trident nuclear weapon warhead carrier travelling north on the A34 at Botley, at 1.15pm on 9 November. The convoy comprised three nuclear weapon warhead carriers and full support team. In October the full Oxford City Council voted 23:1 in favour of writing a letter to the Ministry of Defence protesting at nuclear warheads being taken through their patch. Another letter was sent to John Kelly, County Emergency Planning Officer, saying theCity Council believes he should be informed when these convoys pass through or near Oxford and, lastly, another letter was sent to the two local MPs asking them what can be done nationally to respect Oxford's status as a Nuclear Free Authority. Convoys of nuclear weapons travel in each direction about six times a year between the Atomic weapons Establishment at Burghfield, Berkshire, and the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Coulport in western Scotland, where the warheads are prepared for the submarine launched Trident missile system.

Contact: Nukewatch UK, 22 Edmund St,Bradford, BD5 0BH (tel Di McDonald 023 8055 4434; email di@nuclearinfo.org).

Topics: Nuclear Weapons