Features in issue 2501

Room 13

by Mark Faulkner, Milan Rai

PN interviews the chair of an empowering arts organisation

Climate prisoner

by Milan Rai, Paul Morozzo

The British campaign against climate chaos moved into a new phase on 4 August when Paul Morozzo became the first climate activist to be imprisoned. PN interviewed him after his release.

Making the transition

by Kelvin Mason

Kelvin Mason argues for cross fertilisation between the politics of Climate Camp and the community organising of Transition Towns

Kingsnorth debated


On 2 August, as the Camp for Climate Action began to get under way, Radio 4’s flagship news programme, Today, held a debate on the proposed new Kingsnorth power station. Dr David Brown, of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, supported building the new coal-fired station, on the basis that it would eventually be a “clean coal” project, using carbon capture and storage technology to bury CO2 emissions safely rather than releasing them to contribute to global warming. He was challenged by the Radio 4 presenter, and by Dr Simon Lewis, of Leeds University.