Good news

IssueSeptember 2007
News by Kat Barton

There was a lot of good news to do with the Climate Camp, including the fact that BAA tried to get an injunction which could have applied to five million people anywhere near Heathrow, and instead got an order against three individuals - who were legally entitled to go to Climate Camp because it was outside the area described in the order!

  • On 5 August, 26 detainees escaped from Campsfield detention centre near Oxford. (At the time of going to press, 10 have still not been captured.)
  • It is reported that pension funds and other major investors are going to withdraw investments from companies manufacturing cluster bombs - which Britain and 45 other countries have pledged to ban.
  • A Dutch Catholic bishop called on Christians to call God “Allah” to create greater understanding of Muslims
  • The Scottish National Party is proving that you can be in favour of unilateral nuclear disarmament and against wars of aggression and still be regarded as a responsible and effective party of government.
  • PN's going back to the newsstand!