Bomspotters start small

IssueDecember 2004 - February 2005
News by Ippy D

Those pesky Euro bombspotters have been up to their naughty tricks again recently.

Kicking off a series of “Bombspotting small” actions, a group representing Flemish NGOs and individual activists, paid a visit to the Kleine Brogel nuclear weapons base in north-east Belgium on 11 October. After breaking into the base the group occupied its runway.

The “small” actions are the unannounced dimension of a wider Bombspotting campaign, which includes large public actions such as the Bombspotting XL event at NATO HQ in Brussels, planned for April 2005 (see PN online for events listings).

DU action

Staying with the Belgian flavour, on 5 November a group of activists from the Belgian Coalition “Stop Uranium Weapons!” held an event outside the Belgian Ministry of Defence in which they symbolically sealed off the ministry as a zone contaminated with toxic and radioactive depleted uranium.

The group, whose event took place on an international day of action called by the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, also handed in a petition containing thousands of signatures calling for a ban on all weapons systems which employ depleted uranium.