After the party, farewell to the Square

IssueJuly to August 2006
News by Ippy

Just a few days after hosting the Peace News 70th birthday party, central London's The Square social centre had effectively come to an end.

The Russell Square property had been occupied for five months and been used by a broad range of groups to hold events from benefit gigs and free parties, to serious workshops and organising meetings.

Occupiers had been notified that they could be evicted from 23 June. In response to news of the impending eviction, a two-day festival of resistance was held in the building, with many supporters and venue-users turning out to show their solidarity.

Within recent days the “ex-occupation committee” issued a “dissolution communique” in which they said “The red and black will not fly over Russell Square much longer but we carry them in exile, and we will have another building in due course.”

The DIY tradition

PN would like to send its thanks to those involved for making the Square happen and for creating a positive community space. As well as holding the PN party at the Square - to which an estimated 150 people came over the day - individuals and groups from 5 Caledonian Road used the building regularly for holding meetings or to attend gigs and films shows.

There are “legal” and occupied social centres dotted all over the country, continuing the tradition of DIY political spaces. For further info and an up-to-date list, see