Oilworkers oppose oil law

IssueMay 2007
News by Ewa Jasiewicz

The Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) is a 26,000 member-strong trade union based in the south of Iraq, which is also organising in the centre and north of Iraq. The Federation recently held a conference in Wasit province in the centre of Iraq on the oil law .
Activists have been meeting workers, management, tribal leaders, religious authorities, political party representatives, academics and oil policy experts to organise cross-constituency unified opposition to the oil law. Using posters, leaflets, meetings, and public speeches, the union is promoting resource sovereignty and democracy. Reps recently attended a meeting in Jordan organised by the IMF and World Bank where it presented a detailed report opposing the oil law.
The union is inviting representatives from all oil workers' unions in Iraq to the first national oil unions conference to be held in Basra next month. It will make history and intensify opposition to the foreign oil control agenda in Iraq.