Wales in London

IssueOctober 2009
News by Moth Foster, Lewis Winks

Following Climate Camp Cymru in mid-August, Wales set up a neighbourhood at the Climate Camp in London. The first of the Wales crew arrived with our enormous marquee squeezed into a small camper van. After a battle with the elements we got the marquee pegged down and could set up to boil the kettle for a much-needed brew.

Other Wales Campers arrived once the site had been taken in a swoop. “Is this the right station?” we wondered, exiting Blackheath station. Surprised by the absence of police, we checked the A-Z and asked local people. They welcomed us with smiles, directing us to the camp.

On our arrival in the Wales neighbourhood, a friend fetched us food from another kitchen because Wales had run out – a sign of good attendance! Immediately, we began work, first helping with a “Croeso i Cymru” (“Welcome to Wales”) sign for the marquee, and raising a Draig Goch (red dragon flag).

Organisation in the neighbourhood worked well. From our morning meetings, volunteers acted as spokespeople in the camp council. We also used our meeting times “in Wales” to plan for a Day of Action in Cardiff on 24 October.

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