Features in issue 2514

Is it yet too late to prevent a futile slaughter?

by Wilfred Wellock

We reprint Peace News front page 15 September 1939. A pacifist socialist response to the outbreak of war:

Celebrating our history: Peace Pledge Union

by Emily Johns

PN was for many years the mass circulation weekly of the Peace Pledge Union, the pacifist group founded 75 years ago. The PPU celebrated its birthday on this year’s Unarmed Forces Day, 27 June.

Burgers not bombs

by Pat

For 25 years Veggies Catering Campaign has been the field kitchen of the British activist scene. This month they invite you to celebrate their vibrant history.


by Sareena Rai

For the past two years Peace News has been tracking the civil war and ensuing peace process in Nepal. The British government contributed military training and equipment to the conflict, but the British non-governmental organisations also have their part to play in entrenched inequality. PN interviews a Nepali domestic worker in Kathmandu.