Features in issue 2486

What everyone needs to know about Darfur

by Milan Rai , Alex de Waal

As pressure mounts for military intervention in Darfur, Alex de Waal, an Africa expert, tells PN why war won't work and how tantalisingly close Darfur came to peace. When peace diplomacy happens, our movements need to know about it, and support it at every level.



Diana Gould was a geography teacher from Gloucestershire who came to public attention in 1983 when she was picked to ask a question of Margaret Thatcher on BBC's Nationwide. She tackled the Prime Minister on her decision to sink the Argentinian warship General Belgrano on 2 May with the loss of 323 lives. Here she pinions the Iron Lady.


by Tam Dalyell

After the Falklands/Malvinas war, Tam Dalyell (Labour MP for West Lothian/Linlithgow, 1962--2005) mounted a long campaign to expose government lies about the sinking of Argentinian warship the General Belgrano.