Comments in issue 2566

20 years ago: Howard Clark on humanitarian intervention

by Albert Beale

Howard Clark, reviews a Bradford University report by Nick Lewer and Oliver Ramsbotham on ‘humanitarian intervention’, written during the break-up of Yugoslavia.

Dr Who: an anniversary treat

by Virginia Moffatt

Family television wrestles with the concept of redemptive violence

Jailhouse rock

by Jeff Cloves

‘Everybody in the whole cell block was dancing to the jailhouse rock’ Elvis Presley 1957

Editorial: Civil resister

by Emily Johns, Milan Rai

Howard's proposal for a network of nonviolence study and action groups

Howard Clark: 6 March 1950 – 28 November 2013

by Andrew Rigby, Michael Randle

Our dear friend and comrade Howard Clark was a mainstay of Peace News since the 1970s and of War Resisters' International (WRI) since the 1980s.