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Activism and... partying


Do these words go together? 'Activism' and 'partying'....

35 years ago

by Albert Beale

A PN editor, reporting from the committal hearing (where the prosecution demonstrates to a magistrate that there's a case to answer in a crown court) in the ABC official secrets case, took notes which led to a minor constitutional crisis – not to mention to all the PN staff appearing before the lord chief justice, and later the house of lords. See also the obituary of Crispin Aubrey.

Liverpool Diary: November 2012

by Jennifer Verson

Radio class with Fatoumata, and other incidents.

Obituary: Crispin Aubrey

by Albert Beale

3 January 1946 – 28 September  2012

The never-ending happening

by Jeff Cloves

The Personal Column

Editorial: Anti-cuts, pro-change

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

There are converging agendas for different movements - anti-cuts, climate, disarmament, labour movement...