Comments in issue 2540-2541

Roll on Fem12

by Claire Poyner

Claire Poyner reports from UK Feminista's Annual Conference

Where next for the red poppy?

by Kelvin Mason

The amazing turnabout in fortunes which marketing has brought to the Royal British Legion’s red poppy campaign is just the beginning for the nation’s most revered bloom, thinks Welsh entrepreneur Oliver Cyboli.

The Aviation Justice Express

by Dan Glass

British climate change activists blocked from entering the US

Scotland and Trident: We must name the crime

by David MacKenzie

The path to UK nuclear disarmament runs through Scotland, argues David MacKenzie

Occupy US Resists

by Christina Dey , Gabriel Carlyle

US movement battered but not yet broken

Occupy diary glimpses from the north

by Anna Harris

Anna Harris on the occupations in Manchester and Bradford