Features in issue 2445

Prisoners of homophile conscience

by Pedro Enrique Polo Soltero

Explaining their work to support lesbian and gai activists in prison, Pedro Enrique Polo Soltero from Madrid-based group Gais Antimilitaristas places the need for nonviolent action - both inside and outside of the prison walls - in the wider context of working to globalise human rights and of supporting activists living and working under oppressive and militarist governments worldwide.

Torture: its complexity, moral dilemmas and its introduction into our lives

by Roberta Bacic

When we think about prison we usually imagine the loss of physical liberty - of a life behind bars. But what about our minds? Roberta Bacic discusses the practical and political impact the practice of torture has on people in detention and within the wider community.

The Great Escape! - campaigning in support of a total objector in Finland

by Simo Hellsten

Finnish CO activist Simo Hellsten recounts an inspirational tale of symbolic nonviolent direct action to liberate a comrade from incarceration.

Behind bars hotels

by Tikiri

The management of private prisons in many countries is netting some big profits for a handful of companies based in the west. French activist Tikiri examines the drive towards private provision and the connections with the “defence” industry.

Prison letter

by Claire Hanrahan

Imprisoned for six months following a School of the Americas action in November 2000, Claire Hanrahan writes from her cell about life, war, solidarity and gardening.

Against the current views on crime and punishment

by Dr Clara Meijer Wichmann

You could argue that a lot of things were different in 1919, but Dutch anarcho-pacifist Clara Wichmann certainly had some progressive ideas on crime and punishment.