Features in issue 2447

Neither cowards nor heroes

by Bojan Aleksov

Most antimilitarists like to imagine deserters and COs as heroic - if desperate - young men who stand up for what they believe and refuse to bear arms. But in reality they are as flawed as young men everywhere. Bojan Aleskov recalls the challenges of organising with deserters from former Yugoslavia, including the arguments about the washing-up!

Speaking out against violence

by Ryan Amundson

The dominant image of the US response to the events of 11 September 2001 has been one of a people wanting vengeance, of an inevitable cycle of "justified" violence - manifesting as the "war on terror". Being visible against war and violence is not a popular position and may get you labelled as "unpatriotic" or as a "traitor". But what about when the people calling for a halt to the violence are those who lost the most - the families of the 11 September victims? Peace News talks with Ryan Amundson from the Peaceful Tomorrows group about turning grief into action.

Operation "Self-Interest?"

by Bobi

In recent years militaries have tried to carve out a new role for themselves by engaging in "peacekeeping" duties in conflict areas around the world. This is the acceptable face of militarism. PN spoke with Bobi from the Group for Anti-Militarist Action in Macedonia about life with NATO.

Yesh Gvul: a uniquely Israeli innovation in the culture of protest

by Peretz Kidron

In this article looking at the development of the "selective refusal" (to military service) movement, Peretz Kidron argues that the Israeli experience proves it to be a valuable tool of protest.

Chipping away at the core

by Ruth Hiller

Ruth Hiller talks about her experience of working with groups that challenge two of Israeli society's deep foundations: militarism and patriarchy.

We won't fight your ******* wars... or will we? Feminism and anti-militarism, where next?

by Sian Jones

Siân Jones examines the "feminisation" of western militaries and argues that the gendered view of peacekeeping and peacebuilding, by both militaries and mainstream feminists, has created new challenges for antimilitarists.

Not much impact ... yet

by Tikiri

Interfering in the huge French army recruiting operation seemed quite an obvious antimilitarist strategy at the time...

Antimilitarism in the (new) German peace and anti-war movement after 11 September

by Tobias Pfluger

Tobias Pfluger discusses some of the inherent tensions between the wider peace movement and those who identify as antimilitarist.