Features in issue 2447

The home front: a white woman against apartheid and conscription

by Kathryn Mathers

Conscientious objection and the support of COs is vital work in itself, but often one of the reasons people choose to become COs is not that they have a fundamental objection to militarism, but that they have a deep opposition to the type of activities the military engage in on behalf of the state. In this article Kathryn Mathers offers a good example by locating the struggle against conscription in 1980s South Africa in the wider struggle against apartheid.

Pacified into fighting: How Israeli Jewish men are manipulated

by Lothan Raz

From the cradle to the grave... Lothan Raz explains how ideals of heroism, strength and security, conspire to create an "inhumanly" militarised existence for Israeli men.

What does it mean to be an antimilitarist?

by Martin Rodriguez

Colombian conscientious objector Martin Rodriguez shares his experience of life in a heavily militarised society.

Peace, progress and private armies

by Naeem Sadiq

Armed groups who operate outside of the "national armed forces" model - be they guerrillas engaged in "liberation" struggles, mercenaries or private armies - present specific challenges to antimilitarist activists, as this article by Naeem Sadiq suggests.

Yesh Gvul: a uniquely Israeli innovation in the culture of protest

by Peretz Kidron

In this article looking at the development of the "selective refusal" (to military service) movement, Peretz Kidron argues that the Israeli experience proves it to be a valuable tool of protest.

Chipping away at the core

by Ruth Hiller

Ruth Hiller talks about her experience of working with groups that challenge two of Israeli society's deep foundations: militarism and patriarchy.

We won't fight your ******* wars... or will we? Feminism and anti-militarism, where next?

by Sian Jones

Siân Jones examines the "feminisation" of western militaries and argues that the gendered view of peacekeeping and peacebuilding, by both militaries and mainstream feminists, has created new challenges for antimilitarists.

Not much impact ... yet

by Tikiri

Interfering in the huge French army recruiting operation seemed quite an obvious antimilitarist strategy at the time...