Features in issue 2452

Iraq war emboldens Bush space plans

by Bruce Gagnon

Where will the future arms trade profits be found? And who will be making a killing (again)? Bruce Gagnon looks at the development of space-based weapons.

South Asia and the international arms trade

by Tom Lansford

Tom Lansford argues that South Asia provides an example of the correlation between aggressive new marketing strategies by defence companies and heightened support for arms sales as a component of foreign policy by the major arms producing nations--exacerbating existing conflicts and tensions in the region.

Bright future for non-lethal weapons

by Caroline Lauer

In part one of a special two-part PN investigation, Caroline Lauer takes a look at the development and economics of non-lethal weapons.

A growth industry

by Frida Berrigan

The outsourcing of military operations to private companies is a growth area of the defence industry. Frida Berrigan reports on the insidious profiteering.