Issue: 2526

October 2010


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns

A careful new report from CND demonstrates that replacing the Trident nuclear weapons submarine system will actually cost more jobs than it generates, and that cancelling the project gives Britain a golden opportunity to use its industrial skills

By Gabriel Carlyle

Campaigning against drones

By Gabriel Carlyle

In their first ever vote on the issue, Britain’s MPs have overwhelmingly backed Britain’s continued involvement in the war in Afghanistan.

By PN staff

On 12 September, 40 climate activists occupied a new site in Happendon Wood, South Lanarkshire, Scotland to set up the Happendon Wood Action Camp (THWAC), to help defend the wood from destruction by Scottish Coal.

By David Polden

Attempts by the police to halt a London CND anti-Trident vigil in Parliament Square on the first Tuesday of each month have been overturned.

By David Polden

On 6 September, as part of a Trident Ploughshares Summer Gathering in Reading, the Aldermaston atomic weapons’ factory was symbolically disarmed.

By Pippa Bartolotti

On 18 September, an aid convoy left to take much-needed medical equipment to the people of Gaza and draw attention to the inhuman blockade of this tiny strip of land.

By Kelvin Mason

Regular readers of this page will know that the Cynefin Y Werin network is pursuing a major project to establish a Peace Institute (Academi Heddwch), working with academics and others in Wales.

By Phil Steele

A new nuclear power station is planned for Wylfa, on the northernmost coast of Wales on the Isle of Anglesey.

By Declan McCormick

There are similarities between the UK government’s attitude towards the poor and that in Canada. So said AJ, an active member of Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), on a visit to Glasgow and Edinburgh in mid-September.

By Jimmy Kerr

The Climate Nine activists associated with Plane Stupid who closed down Aberdeen airport back in March 2009 have received their sentences.

By Bob Nicholls

An EDO Decommissioner sets out the legal strategy that won acquittals for the disarmers. Part Two of our EDO Decommissioners story.

By Jack Cohen-Joppa, Felice Cohen-Joppa

The Nuclear Resister marks 30 years of supporting imprisoned activists and reporting on anti-nuclear and anti-war resistance

By Ian Sinclair

Ian Sinclair spoke recently to the radical watchdog Media Lens about the media’s role in the escalating war in Afghanistan

By Gabriel Carlyle

Deconstructing the war in Afghanistan