Issue: 2513

September 2009



By Emily Johns, Milan Rai

The funeral of the last British survivor of the trenches of the First World War was held in Wells Cathedral on Hiroshima Day (6 August) attended with pomp and circumstance, and solemn honours from politicians and the mainstream media.

By Jeff Cloves

During the Second World War, BSA Cycles made folding bicycles for paratroopers. Thus, the machines descended into occupied Europe attached to the backs of terrified soldiers suspended beneath graceful silk canopies.

By Maya Evans

This content has been removed from the website on request of the author.

The British Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC) was set up in 2002 in response to the attempted military coup in Venezuela, aims to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty and independence, and to defend the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution, espec

I didn’t think there would be such a mix of ages, but then people young and old set up camp, and the variety of workshops was fit to please all.


It is never pleasant to think that one of the people you are working with, possibly very closely, who you go drinking with, who is sleeping with one of your friends, who seems so full of life and passion is actually trying to undermine ev

By Milan Rai, Emily Johns

The first-ever Peace News Summer Camp was held at Westmill Farm near Watchfield in Oxfordshire from 23-27 July.

By Jonathan Stevenson

This is an edited version of the closing speech given on 2 July at Leeds Crown Court on behalf of the 22 people who pleaded not guilty to obstruction of the railway after stopping and partially unloading a coal train heading to the Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire last year. See PN 2499-500.

Hicham Yezza, a Nottingham university peace activist, was convicted in February on immigration charges - which he is appealing.

By Colin Archer

Sometimes in your life you find yourself under the influence of a powerful personality: it could be a lover, a political leader, an author, or a spiritual teacher.

On 17 August, five citizen inspectors from Trident Ploughshares entered Britain’s most important military site, the nuclear submarine base at Faslane, north of Glasgow, by walking in through the main gate.

By Milan Rai

For the first time in Britain’s nuclear history, an opinion poll has found that a majority of people in Britain are in favour of Britain abandoning its nuclear weapons - without regard to considerations of cost.

By Dan Viesnik

This summer I participated in my third International Walk for a Nuclear-Free Future, from Geneva to Brussels.

By James Beecher

With the Big Green Gathering cancelled at the last minute, a few Bicycology activists visited the Isle of Wight to support Vestas workers occupying their wind turbine factory to protest against its closure.

By Polina Aksamentova

Four separate polls undertaken throughout July by the BBC/ Guardian, ITN, The Times and the Independent consistently showed that the majority of Britons want immediate or rapid withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.