Issue: 2498

June 2008



By Philip Moore

Phone calls, email and browser histories to be stored by government for a year

By Andrea D'Cruz

An unprecedented Iranian government proposal, which could offer a definitive solution to the diplomatic crisis over its nuclear program, is being resisted by Britain.

By Andrea D'Cruz

May saw a devastating surge in US air strikes on Iraq, often in densely populated areas.

By Andrea D'Cruz

On 16 June, 24-year-old Matthis Chiroux, who joined the US army at 18, having been targeted by military recruiters since he was 16, and who served in Afghanistan among other places before being placed in the reserves, is due to be deployed

By Philip Moore

BAE Systems AGM, 9 May. Some shareholders are confused about the legality of their profits. Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) organised a protest outside, and difficult questions inside the AGM.

By Andrea D'Cruz

On 21 May, Tony “Bomber” Blair narrowly escaped being killed by an Israeli missile – an irony-laden fate for such a staunch supporter of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

By Bill Hetherington

International Conscientious Objectors’ Day, 15 May, was marked by four events in Britain.

By Del Harris

Where’s the nearest army recruitment centre to you in Wales? Is there a company in your town selling combat raiding craft or “rugged use” military laptops?

By Jill Gough

On 25 April, campaigners from all over Wales took part in a demonstration against plans to build a military academy at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan.

By Rhys Jones

Following the 1999 assembly and council elections, Dafydd Wigley said a “political earthquake” had struck Wales. In 2008, a suitable geographical metaphor is more elusive.

By Anna Bullen, Sarah Mills

As part of Bike Week 2008 (14-22 June), cyclists from all over Wales will be riding to a rally in Cardiff.

By Declan McCormick

May Day has been celebrated as International Workers’ Day since 1890 when it was instituted as a day of commemoration for the Haymarket Martyrs, anarchist labour organisers who were hanged amongst anti-radical hysteria in Chicago in 1888.

By Daniel Fisher

2 May saw University of St Andrews students take to the streets in protest against the closure of Fife Park, one of the University’s two budget halls.

By Topher Vollmer

In April PN investigated the link between the Israeli army and Martin Luther King Junior’s legacy. Here is the promised follow up.

By Oli Rodker

If you were suffering from asthma, would breathing car fumes be a good treatment?