Issue: 2460

April 2005



By PN staff

Working on the solid nonviolent principle that we should transform our enemies, PN brings you a slightly tongue-in-cheek column dedicated to getting to know our "enemies" better.

By The Mole

In yet another delicious footnote to “the greatest corporate PR disaster in history” - as even mainstream commentators described the McLibel trial - it turns out that the leaflet criticising McDonald's now has an even larger circulation.

By Emma Sangster

You could be forgiven for thinking that the new Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), the result of an almost unprecedented to and fro between the Commons and Lords, is a much-watered down version of the Government's proposals for the replac

By Jeff Cloves

The biggest bully I knew at school joined the police force. Even at age 16 I thought this entirely logical.

By David MacKenzie

The dismantling of the model Trident submarine in Edinburgh on 10 March (see news item on p2) was a dramatic performance in which different elements, with varying degrees of willingness, played essential parts.

By Bruce Kent, PN staff

You've been in the peace movement a long time - what got you started?

By Petter Joelsson

There will be an international action camp against the US surveillance base in Fauske in Norway between 17 and 21 June.

By Elizabeth

May is the month of the review of the NPT in New York and we are calling all those activists with a wish for social justice to join the protests in Plymouth.

By Margaret Jones

“The summer time is coming and the leaves are sweetly blowing” - and in Iraq the slaughter goes on. And the plundering of Iraq's resources by the occupying powers.

By Jess Orlik

On Monday 15 March a shipment of US weapons grade plutonium fuel (MOX) set out on the first leg of its journey from the Areva plutonium factory in France to the US port of Charleston, South Carolina.

By Stephen Hancock

After a week of presiding over the trial of the Pit Stop Ploughshares in Dublin's Four Courts, Judge Frank O'Donnell dismissed the jury after admitting that that his actions could be perceived to be biased.

By Rose Anderson

A Sombre Journey

By Ippy D

By Dr Sally Reynolds

Cessation of armed struggle has enormous significance for the IRA, who regard themselves as defenders of the 1919 Dail with a clear mission to secure Irish freedom from British colonialism through physical means.

By Jess Orlik

On Monday 21 March, the second anniversary of the war on Iraq, activists all over the world took part in a day of direct action against the arms trade.