Issue: 2452

September - November 2003



By Roberta Bacic

An itinerant exhibition of 27 photographs has been put together in an effort to share the process of dealing with the past alongside the relatives of the disappeared and those executed for political reasons in Chile.

By Ippy D

US anti-sanctions activists have had a long-threatened civil action brought against them by the US Treasury Department.

By Tom Lansford

Tom Lansford argues that South Asia provides an example of the correlation between aggressive new marketing strategies by defence companies and heightened support for arms sales as a component of foreign policy by the major arms producing nations--exacerbating existing conflicts and tensions in the region.

By Saswati Roy

The impact of small arms on communities takes many forms, from involvement in illegal production and trafficking as a means ofeconomic survival, to fuelling existing conflicts and creating a violent gun culture, where local disputes are invariably "resolved" using guns. Saswati Roy reports from India.

By Scott Schaeffer-Duffy

Scott Schaeffer-Duffy argues that the key to sustaining long-term campaigns against weapons producers is creativity and community.

By Stuart McCabe

Peace News reader Stuart McCabe puts forward a proposal for common days of action for arms trade activists to organise around.

By Richard Bingley, Martin Hogbin

One of the world's most famous arms dealers, Sam Cummings, said of the arms trade almost forty years ago: “It is almost a perpetual motion machine.

By Frida Berrigan

The outsourcing of military operations to private companies is a growth area of the defence industry. Frida Berrigan reports on the insidious profiteering.

By Alex Williamson

Fifty-eight years after the first use of nuclear weapons against a civilian population, the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima this year fell under the shadow of the continuing Iraq conflict and aggressive overtures betwee

By Terry Crawford-Browne

Terry Crawford-Browne reports on the European companies - profitting from weapons sales to South Africa, the legal challenges campaigners are making to the 50bn+ Rand deal and the deal's disastrous impact on domestic politics and society itself.

By Sian Glaessner

In spite of mounting state repression of campaign groups - the spurious arrests of ecological activists, the death in suspicious circumstances of Mr Shekochikhin, the Minister of Defence accusing the Soldiers' Mothers Committee of being a

By James Tullett

Between 2 and 15 August, citizens from Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the United States and Britain joined together in taking action against nuclear weapons at Faslane and Coulport - the nuclear submarine and warhead sites (r

By Josephine

Although Brazil is not officially at war, the country has the one of the highest homicide rates in the world, with more than 35,000 firearm deaths every year.

By Jess Orlik

International Solidarity Movement activists have been taking action with local Palestinians against the ongoing construction of the “apartheid wall”.