Issue: 2450

March - May 2003



By Ayse Gul Altiny

Recently, Turkey witnessed an unusually spirited long weekend. There was action almost everywhere in the country starting on Friday 24 January.

By Andreas Speck

International Conscientious Objectors' Day 2003 focuses on solidarity with conscientious objectors in Israel, and nonviolent resistance against the Israeli occupation. Andreas Speck, WRI's CO Campaign Worker, explains why.

By A H Cemendtaur

Friends of South Asia is a relatively new peace group working with the South Asian diaspora in the US. Here AH Cemendtaur reflects on their experiences over the past 15 months.

By Gordon Clark

Can people in the US build an effective nonviolent resistance movement? Or is a lifetime of consumerism and militarism obstructing the path once walked by Martin Luther King? Gordon Clark reflects.

The Nonviolent Movement (Movimento Nonviolento or NM), founded in the sixties by Aldo Capitini, “father” of Italian nonviolence, works to remove individual and group violence from every aspect of social life at a local, national and inter

By Michael Shank

Michael Shank reports on a youth peace conference organised by Youth Initiative for Peace in Lahore, and a moving visit to the India-Pakistan border.

By Elke Steven

When the law turns into injustice, resistance becomes a duty. So say German activists from the resist campaign. Elke Steven reports on a European pledge initiative that is gaining strength.

By Franco Perna

International support is crucial in alleviating violence and conflict within Palestine and Israel. Franco Perna experiences the situation firsthand as a volunteer olive-picker.

By Ucha Nanuashvili

Human rights and antimilitarist groups in Georgia face a range of specific challenges. Ucha Nanuashvili reports.

This has turned into a bit of a funny issue really, but the original idea was to try to generate a snapshot of the “health” of the international peace movement in the “post 11 September 2001 security environment”.

By Daniel Garay

On 28 July 2002, the Russian President signed into law the federal bill "On Alternative Service" (ACS), adopted by the Russian Federation Federal Assembly shortly before. In November 2002, War Resisters' International's Daniel Garay was in Russia to attend the in augural meeting of the antimilitarist Organisation Without Weapons, set up to rally against military conscription.

By Subhadip Mukherjee

Writing from India, Subhadip Mukherjee argues that the "war on terrorism" is bringing inhuman suffering and misery to an already impoverished population, and that economic depravation and the threat of monoculture are driving forces behind certain acts of terrorism.

By Molly Morgan

Molly Morgan reports on a project to counter military propaganda in US schools.

By Ruth Hiller, Sergeiy Sandler

Israeli women who object to military service find themselves marginalised by both "normal" society and within the resistance movement. Ruth Hiller and Sergeiy Sandler report on a New Profile initiative to challenge the influence of dominant gender constructs within the activist community.

By David McKenzie

How has Britain's most active nonviolent direct action campaign against British nuclear weapons responded to the war on terror? TP2000's press officer David McKenzie reports