Hiroshima-Nagasaki Fast

Blog by Marc Morgan

Every year an International fast is held between Hiroshima and Nagasaki days (6th-9th August) in Burghfield, Paris, and Büchel, the last Nato base in Germany at which nuclear weapons are stationed. PN has covered the fast in both Paris and Burghfield with several articles in the past (see PN September 2012, June 2013 and September 2013).

This year over 120 participants are expected at the three sites. A small group of French and British activists will be fasting at Burghfield, and holding vigils and peaceful demonstrations at the same time. On the last day of the fast, 9th August (Nagasaki day), the participants will join in in the “Wool Against Weapons” initiative involving the rolling out of a seven mile long pink anti-nuclear scarf between AWE Aldermaston and AWE Burghfield.

For details on the fast, contact Marc on 020 8880 1847 or at marcwmorgan@btinternet.com, Jed at jed2f4@yahoo.co.uk, or visit http://actionawe.org/topics/fast-2014.

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