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Chris Cole out of jail

Follow-up piece to Virginia’s earlier post



On 19 January, Christian peace activist Chris Cole was sentenced to 30 days imprisonment by Westminster central magistrates court for non-payment of a fine following a protest at the DSEi

It’s Normal To Us

Virginia Moffatt reflects on having a partner imprisoned



On 4 November, sentences were handed down to the remaining two defendants who took part in actions in Sweden in October 2008, disarming 12 grenade launchers and parts to nine howitzers at arms fact

They're in there for us; we're out here for them!

b> Thirty years ago this October, the first issue of the Newsletter of the National No-Nukes Prison Support Collective (later renamed the Nuclear Resister) reported on just one anti-nuclear civi

Bad news

One in ten of Britain’s prisoners are former members of the armed forces, according to the Howard League for Penal Reform.

Reading the world

SY What do you do?


The heavy iron door slammed behind me. Something about the situation seemed familiar. A woman police constable turned and faced me: “I’m arresting you for breaching your bail conditions.

Hich is free!

Hicham Yezza, a Nottingham university peace activist, was convicted in February on immigration charges - which he is appealing.

Home front

They say that families live prison sentences just as much as the prisoner and that was certainly true for us.