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Chelsea 1, IPB 1

On 7 October, US whistleblower Chelsea Manning stated publicly that she does not consider herself a pacifist, anti-war ‘or (especially) a “conscientious objector”.’

TNP 30? Thapar ?

The Transform Now Plowshares support group is calling for letters to help lower prison sentences for Megan Rice (83), Michael Walli (64) and Greg Boertje-Obed (57).

Prisoners over fast

The hunger strike among California’s prisoners against protracted solitary confinement, a strike which initially involved over 30,000 prisoners (see PN 2561), was called off after 60 days on 5 Sept

US whistleblower imprisoned

Former army private given 35-year sentence for exposing torture and secret killings


Oscar Lopez Rivera, Between Torture and Resistance

PM Press, 2013; 133pp; £11.99


Guantanamo fasters force-fed

Hunger strikes continue in Guantanamo and California


US drones prisoner

As PN headed to the printers, Brian Terrell was heading to prison for a drone protest at Whiteman air force base on 15 April with Ron Faust and Mark Kenney.

Prisoners for peace

Hannah Brock, the new WRI worker writes: 1 December marks ‘Prisoners for Peace’ day.

Sanctions injustice

On 28 August, Dr Shakir Hamoodi, 59, an Iraq-born US citizen, began a three-year sentence for sending money between 1991 and 2003 to his relatives in Iraq, and the families of friends living in Ira

Bradley Manning

On 25 July, exactly two years after the WikiLeaks release of the Afghan war diaries, the following banners were unfurled at the summit of Snowdon in Wales: ‘Free Bradley Manning’, ‘Don’t shoot the