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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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Five go adventuring in Faslane

Wales is ready to take on the extreme energy industry, reports Kelvin Mason.

Thousands surround MoD to launch CND's general election campaign

As air war continues, secrecy over UK drone leads to speculation re. possible Mali deployment

Activists break into UK drone base

US peace campaigner jailed for drones action


by Erica Smith

A Hastings artist and designer takes action when UKIP decides to hold a fundraiser in her local pub

by Jan Oberg

A Swedish peace researcher reflects on the terror in Paris and the reactions to it

by Erica Smith

Erica Smith reviews Tate Modern's latest exhibition

by Emily Johns

Another story-poster from PN's 'The World is My Country' project

by PN

Shout out for PN's First World War speaking tour ...

by Fuel Poverty Action

Fuel Poverty Action look back at 2014, and forward to 2015!

From the Blog

by Lindis Percy | 18 Sep, 2014

Ahead of the national demo there on 4 October, Lindis Percy and Chris Cole take a look at RAF Croughton & its role in the US drone wars.

by Jonathan Doering | 15 Jul, 2014

Thirty years on, the anti-nuclear war drama Threads has lost none of its power to shock. Its message of making connections has inspired many, including one of its producers, Richard Levitt.

by William Worthy | 12 Jul, 2014

Four years after the successful conclusion of the Montgomery Bus Boycott - and two-and-a-bit months before the first Freedom Ride - legendary activist and journalist William Worthy reported for Peace News on the treatment meted out to African-American interstate travellers who failed to comply with segregation.

by Cornerstone Cath | 7 Jun, 2014

A Leeds co-operator explores the pleasures and perils of Community Organising ...

Peace News roundtable

UK & US organising against fracking

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Our new diarist approaches a significant milestone

Mike Phipps looks back at the life and activism of a radical writer



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Howard Clark

Howard Clark wrote many thought-provoking and important articles for Peace News over the years. Here we select a few of the best:

by Howard Clark. An updated edition of the classic 70s pamphlet. Published by Peace News, July 2012

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