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Photo action for Guantanamo detainee

Updates on two US war resisters

Occupy Christmas anyone?

New banning orders for the law-abiding

From Sodastream to Zim (and beyond)

Welsh activists 'drape the drones' at Parc Aberporth

White poppies binned - and restored - in Aberystwyth

Garden handed over to Community Trust


by Milan Rai

What happens when the founders of a radical organisation move on, new people come in, and the strict entry standards that were put in place originally are set aside? How does it affect who joins the organisation, and how does it affect the politics of the organisation?

by Milan Rai

The long story behind current debates about principles in a radical co-op network

by Kimberly Golden

PN examines the fate of Dutch co-operative network

by Milan Rai

Can we stop the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapon system?

by Catalyst Project

The US anti-racist collective, Catalyst Project, recently circulated this text with the subject heading ‘What do you mean by anti-racism?’

by Emily Johns

Maori resistance to WW1

From the Blog

by Lindis Percy | 18 Sep, 2014

Ahead of the national demo there on 4 October, Lindis Percy and Chris Cole take a look at RAF Croughton & its role in the US drone wars.

by Jonathan Doering | 15 Jul, 2014

Thirty years on, the anti-nuclear war drama Threads has lost none of its power to shock. Its message of making connections has inspired many, including one of its producers, Richard Levitt.

by William Worthy | 12 Jul, 2014

Four years after the successful conclusion of the Montgomery Bus Boycott - and two-and-a-bit months before the first Freedom Ride - legendary activist and journalist William Worthy reported for Peace News on the treatment meted out to African-American interstate travellers who failed to comply with segregation.

by Cornerstone Cath | 7 Jun, 2014

A Leeds co-operator explores the pleasures and perils of Community Organising ...


To halt the rise of UKIP, white anti-racists need to reach out to their white neighbours and communities – to break racist myths about immigration and Islam, and to organise white people against the real problems in society.

WW1 COs' resistance didn't end when they entered prison ...

The distinguished physicist, astronomer and mathematician, Arthur Eddington, was a First World War conscientious objector and life-long pacifist (and a keen cyclist, devising the Eddington Secondary Number which measures a cyclist’s achievements; his own E-number was 84). One of the pieces Peace News published to mark his death on 22 November 1944 looked at what he’d written to explain his continuing pacifism during the Second World War.



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Howard Clark

Howard Clark wrote many thought-provoking and important articles for Peace News over the years. Here we select a few of the best:

by Howard Clark. An updated edition of the classic 70s pamphlet. Published by Peace News, July 2012

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