King gone!

IssueJuly - August 2008
News by Andrea D'Cruz

On 28 May king Gyanendra became the last king of Nepal, bringing an end to the 239-year-old-monarchy. He was peacefully deposed as Nepal became a federal republic, following the recent election of the Maoists to government.

The ex-king left the Narayanhiti palace on 11 June. The palace will now become a state museum. Before leaving, Gyandendra called his first ever press conference, where journalists “heckled him with the rudest words in the Nepali language”, the Telegraph reported.

Meanwhile, PN celebrates as Nepali co-editor Milan Rai - who unfortunately could not be among the foul-mouthed hecklers - goes from subject to citizen (well, apart from when he’s in Britain...). Queen Elizabeth, you’re next!

Topics: Nepal