Peace News Winter Appeal

IssueNovember 2009
Comment by PN staff

Dear friends, Peace News is growing and expanding! We’re making ambitious plans for the future development of PN; we’re starting new regular activities to support the peace movement, such as the Peace News Summer Camp and the Peace News Winter Gathering (15-17 January in Nottingham); and we hope to do more to help support uplifting nonviolent initiatives with events such as the Peace News training for participants in the March on Gaza.

We hope to carry out more activities outside the paper, such as the “posters from 1968” exhibition in London last year, and the talks by PN staff around the country. We hope to develop the paper itself, increasing the frequency of our well-received centrespread posters.

All of these projects spring out of Peace News as a magazine, as an invaluable way of connecting activists across the country, across movements and across generations.

We’re very grateful to our faithful subscribers for your generous support for Peace News in the past, and for your financial aid earlier this year in putting on Peace News Summer Camp.

However, for Peace News to be able to survive and thrive, for us to be able to deal with the twin effects of the credit crunch and the enormous pressures on print publications, we need your support again.

If you are a long-time subscriber, if you’re a casual reader, if you’ve just visited the PN website for the first time today, if you value what we have to offer the anti-war movement and you want PN to be able to continue and to grow, please give as generously as you can to our Winter Appeal, the first general appeal we’ve made in 18 months.

In that period, we’ve seen good magazines dropping their frequency or going web-only. Peace News is committed to remaining a paper-based magazine. We’re committed to maintaining (if possible increasing) our frequency of production.

Please help Peace News to keep going. Please help us to remain a paper-based publication. Please help us to grow and develop, and to help the peace movement in new and creative ways.

Many thanks
Gabriel Carlyle, promotions
Emily Johns, co-editor
John Mcallister, finance worker
Claire Poyner, admin worker
Milan Rai, co-editor

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