Western Sahara

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Before the general election, Conservative MP William Hague, now British foreign secretary, supported the introduction of UN human rights monitoring in Western Sahara, a country illegally occupied by Morocco since 1975.
In March, Hague wrote to constituents that the mandate of the UN Mission in Western Sahara should be “renewed with a clear human rights monitoring role”.
Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Ed Davey also called for human rights monitoring in Western Sahara, “with reporting responsibilities to the Security Council”.
The Western Sahara Campaign is running a letter-writing campaign to MPs using these letters: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews291
On 2 August, the Trade Union of Sahrawi Workers in Layouune, in Western Sahara, started a general strike, protesting against racism and the “plundering of Sahrawi natural resources”. 14 people were injured by the police.
Back in July, in Spain, the world’s first flashmob musical against the plundering of Western Sahara was performed in Mercadona supermarkets across Spain. Mercadona sells canned fish originating from occupied Western Sahara, under its own-brand label “Hacendado”.
You can see it here: www.tinyurl.com/peacenews292

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