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More Israeli Conscientious Objectors

Several young Israeli men are refusing to participate in military service and a number continue to be imprisoned for their principled stance. As we went to press at least three were serving short sentences in military prisons.

In an extract from a letter written in prison, CO David Haham explained his motivation for refusing to bear arms: “I am imprisoned over my refusal to take part in repression of the Palestinian people, because I feel it is out of the question to be a Jew, son of a people of refugees, and yet repress a people of refugees.” Solidarity actions have taken place and are being encouraged by CO support groups such as Conscientious Objectors in Israel and Yesh Gvul.
You can lend your support by contacting either group for an up-to-date list of imprisoned COs, and sending letters of protest to the Israeli military and government (address below).

Conscientious Objectors in Israel, PO Box 4090, Haifa 31040, Israel (+972 7 648 6428; email sergeiy@bgumail.ac.il).
Yesh Gvul, PO Box 6953, Jerusalem 91068, Israel (+972 2 625 0271; fax 6434 171; email peretz@yesh- gvul.org; http://www.yesh-gvul.org).
Lt Gen Shaul Mofaz, IDF Chief of Staff, Ha-Qirya, Tel-Aviv, Israel (Fax +972 3 569 5594).
Ariel Sharon, Prime Ministers' Office, Qiriat David Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem, Israel (Fax +972 2 566 4838; email webmaster@pmo.gov.il).