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"Operation Infinite Love" returns

Now in its fifth year O-I-L, Operation Infinite Love, is still bringing people onto the streets to celebrate.

But what is there to celebrate? Venus, spokeswoman and founder of O-I-L, explains why O-I-L is still in operation. “Rather than highlighting the things that appear to divide us as a human race, I wanted to bring attention to what appears to unite us as a human(e) race. It is my opinion that love is the one thing that truly unites us ... problems mostly arise when there is a lack of loce, respect and sharing.”

The next instalment - Reclaim Love, scheduled for central London on Saturday 11 February - will have babies, ravers and your granny dancing together to love tunes on the streets; get free t-shirts and flags and have fun making free valentine cards. At the end a big circle will be made and love consciously sent out to the world.

Venus adds, “It's a beautiful day out and a touching thing to do together in a part of town where most people are in such a hurry, shopping, buying things at Valetines to prove they love someone.”

This is definitely one for the diary. All are welcome to go along for a most memorable, sweet afternoon. Arrive 2.30pm, prompt at the statue of Eros, outside Lillywhites (nearest tube Piccadilly Circus).

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